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tv   Recreation and Park Commission 51916  SFGTV  May 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at tumbler call the rol commissioner buell, here. low, here. levitan, here. mcdonnell, here. just a quick reminder to turn off sound producing devices that could go off during the meeting. if you will have a secondary conversation please take that outside. if you like to speak on a item today, please complete a blue card and unless otherwise announced by the president, each person will have 3 minutes on each item for
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public comment. if there is a item of interest to you that is not on agenda you may speak under general public comment is that item is number 4 and then continue to item 10. we usually allow 15 minutes on item 4 and go to item 10. last, please address your comments to the commission during public comment on items. in order to allow equal time the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. with that, we are on item 2, the presidents report. >> thank you. briefly, one, i want to welcome steve hanes who is the former director of the sterngrove. he is now the vice president for strategic growth and marketing at the zoo and happy to have you. welcome.
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secondly. as some know, at a recent rec and park commission meeting there was a lot of testimony around the challenges that the department faces with the vast increase in growth in soccer in san francisco and the limited number of fields despite many improvements to many fields. the commission asked the staff to prepare a status report on where we are and where we are going to try to meet those challenges. that staff report has now been completed and will shortly be on our website and there is one copy here if we have interested party and thank the general manager and staff, dana ketchm for preparing that, it is a important issue. with that, that concludes my report. >> any public comment under the
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presidents report? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 3, general managers report. >> good morning, commissioners. few announcements and then we have a special presentation by san francisco state interns completing their internship with us and graduating shortly so it is a joy to have them and will introduce them in a second. i want to start off the meeting by sharing a bit of news we can be proud helping to create. this year san francisco has gin garnered a playful city u.s. designation from coo boom which is non profit dedicated to giving all kids opportunities balance and active play so they can thrive. the report citing our cities hundreds of play groupds and play areas, 180 are run by rec and park and commitment to installing playground models to
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encourage play cuboom honored san francisco for the past 10 years since inception en1996 with shared connection with nature and insure all children can get out and play in their parksism speaking of play and play grounds, happy to announce the reopening of gilmore playground fry day june 3 from 3 to 6 p.m. parks impruchbment include a 2 in 1 playground, new pathways, renovated club house restroom jz green field out door fitness equipment for adults funded by a grant from green field. will include sports, games and climbing wall and invite everyone to join us. good news but one of
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our more cherished and historic park buildings, the 137 year old conservety of flowers. in june will begin a project at the west wing to repair the detearierating muttons-muttons? what these things are are vertical strips of wood between the conservatory pains of glass which preserve the integrity of the building. there is lose and detearated glazing pudy that wood thingys that will be removed and a silicone cap with a sealen will be installed overit. the project is anticipated to last 6 months with minimal disruption to public access to the building and very proud of staff and the parks alliance and all those that work at conserve ervety to commitment for
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preserveation. pancakes in the park. mu cleric park pancakes in the park funds raising may 21 from 9 to noon at lewis sutter club house in mu claren park. we will serve pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit, refreshment for the low low low price of $10 for adults and $5 for children. help improve the park playground, picnic areas and information kiosks and if you had a desire to cook or serve breakfast i'll be in the kitchen flipping pancakes and helping volunteers who do an amazing job hosting this every year.
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our first recognition this month is for the amazing and don't know if she knows he is gelting it, linda deveero who plays many roles in the community including the help mclaren park effort. linda is a district 11 resident and our-one of our volunteer extraord nars and member of the [inaudible] mclaren park collaborative and friends of jerry garcia amp theater and for the past 6 years she served on the cities park, recreation and open space advise rea committee called prosac for the past 3 years as the chair. is steffan here? steffan is our new chair and welcome him, but i did want to take a moment to thank linda for her
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leadership z community engagement and commitment to the neighborhood and parks. to her leadership on prosac, she helped work with department to guide through the strategic planning process. linda is a advocate for park funding which we hope will come to fruition sometime soon. linda has been a wise council. she is a fierce protector of our parks, but through linda's leadership on prosac after a long time the department and prosac established the relationship that helps make the parks flive. there is not an avent linda doesn't come to to get her hands dirty and help and support us. whether it is holiday tree lighting or extravaganza. she is very inspirational for those that work in our jobs to be
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able to partner with people as committed and active and engaged so it is my great honor and invite you up to say a few words linda, to present you with a certificate which elten has right there and to celebrate your amazing accomplishments. [applause] >> thank you very much for the
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kind words. it is a privilege to lead the really dedicated members of pr sac and the group we have now is extraordinary and hope you have seen many of the work we have done and you realize i think it is very much on track especially since my predecessor less started the charge and run it like a business meeting. it is not about personalties it is about get thg job done. it is prev lij work wg you. still on prosac for 2 more years. i'm choked up but thank you very much for the opportunity and beautiful beautiful plaque, i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> alright. is string of being impressed. i'm going to tell the inturns a joke. the inturns found out they were doing this
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48 hours agand linda spoke without any knowledge what so ever. today we have 12 graduating student from san francisco state university from park and rec torism. you got to meet them very briefly right when they were beginning their internship. this is the 7th year the program which has seen 50 student par pis pate half went on to work for our department. we talk in our strategic plan focus on work force development and this is work force development and career pathways at work in this program. each year i'm amazed at the injewnuity and passion coming from the student in the program. there are they are certainly the recreation
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supervisor, analyst manager and general managers of tomorrow. i want to thank you eric [inaudible] and all the san francisco state professors for their partnership in the program. it isn't easy to make sure this is a meaningful and educational program. i want to thank jennifer gee and bob pulosity. i don't know if they are here today. there is jennifer. jennifer is moving on to a even bigger role in our department perhaps nothing is as poignant as the work with the san francisco state inturns. she is the glue of the internship program and does a absolutely amazing job. each of the 12 interns was responsible for developing and completing a project that sought to improve upon a department function or solved a problem facing department operations. i asked them to share with you today. come on up you
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guys. i have given them 30 seconds because as commissioner buell likes to remind me, brevity is good. they will tell you about their projects and what they accomplished this spring and we'll start with sulean surono from community service and worked on a efficiency staff project. >> hi there. my name is [inaudible] i'm work wg the community services division with [inaudible] implement a schedule system. the purpose of this system and schedule and organize staff hours. i researched several programs and looked at prices and features and [inaudible] i research several
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programs and looked at rices and feature tooz best fit. inclusion service weez have on call staff members so this keeps check of the hours and staff members accountable and keep track of time off as well. after research i trained several supervisors and coordinators to use the program so it eliminates confusion and the program we chose was called when to work and some of the features is stuff like group e-mails, schedule reminders and time off requests and staff can put their availability on it and build reports from there. thank you. >> thank you for your service. >> next is jada johnson who worked in volunteer service
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group and worked on the sign language cafe. >> i did my internship that focus on asl cafe. what is a free program for anybody who wants to learn sign language or socialize. >> power point, please. >> what i did on this slide, i keep track of how many people there are . there are 185 people that went to the program from jan 2015 to april 2015. as you can see, the highest number is 45 and lowest number is 1. so, but the most of them came to had program only one time. i'm hoping that we have a lot of people at the program.
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thank you. >> next up, jason swan son who worked with health and safety division on site emergency action plans. >> good morning. can i get the powerpoint up, please? what we had with the site emergency action plans, we have written or oral plans but we need written planwise the staff. we had a hand written system before so i was able to help develop utilizing the intranet to make it a on line system only accessible to staff and more efficient and saving time on adman staff d field staff on their end. >> thank you for your service. >> next up is [inaudible] who worked with volunteer unit and created a volunteer recognition program. >> happy thursday. so, my
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project was to develop a formal and informal activity that shows the gratitude of all the volunteers of rec and park department. and appreciation blog post on the website and formal being a annual event. on the slide here, you can see that on our volunteer work party you get 35 volunteers who would complete up to 100 hours and that is nob nab with 3 hours-[inaudible] i just want to-my project was to appreciate the hard work of the volunteers and providing their time. >> thank you very much. >> next up is andrew wong who works on community recreation council at [inaudible] recation center.
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>> andrew wong. under supervize supervision of [inaudible] my projects revolveed around the crc which is community recreation counsel to connect staff with community leaders and members that want to make a difference in the parks and with the help of sean [inaudible] able to create a on line application for the public to join crc throughout the city. the other project was create a crc hands hand book which is a guide to building and increaseive protectivity of crc's throughout the city. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> kevin cefler who worked with golf and turf division on creating a autobon society certification at hardsing park golf course. >> good morning, kevin cesler.
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my project was autobon cooperation sanctuary program for golf which is an award winning program that assist golf courses and enhancing the wold life habitats. it [inaudible] harmful impacts to the golf course operations. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next i'll bring up abigail and daniel at the same time because they tag teamed-they were toorkt all most the entire internship and had the difficult and challenging program work wg our staff enhancing some of the policy and procedures related to illegal camp abatements. >> good morning, commissioners. my part the project with the city wide camp abatement program
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developed manual for this program. what is in the manual it talks about backgrunds, goals, training and safe work practices. it is going to be-it is resource for this program that has all this description. i created a outside resource guide. if illegal campers ask for assistance the team will have these resources at hand with hours of operation, location and telephone numbers. >> i worked on research and development which included looking at other city policies and parks regarding this issue as well as implementing a gis reporting and mapal system using existing technology. the golden gate investigation jury of 2013 recommendation as the mayor
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desire to learn more about these encampments. >> thank you very much. >> next up is erica [inaudible] worked on the special events website. >> my name is erica moda and worked [inaudible] >> can you advance the slide. i skipped poor megan who will go next. there we go. >> so, i updated the special events website and basically i added more content to make sure the information presented was clear and added more visuals to make it more appeals to the public and also to organizers. on the slide right here you will see-i know it is blurry but two main pages i focused on creating [inaudible] where a
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organizer can find the capacity and also the non profit and the commercial rates for event sites and once they click on it it will take them to a destination page where you can see is the civic center page and has a list of detailed and in depth information. >> thank you. >> megan [inaudible] who worked on urban trails project. >> powerpoint, ploze. i worked with urban trails program and my project was to create a marketing strategy for creeks to peaks trail. both of these will be found on the urban trails landing page and yeah, go take a hike. >> thank you very much. you telling me to take a hike?
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>> next up, caren clark, who did this really incredible assessment of dolores park visitor useage. >> good morning, karen clark and my primary internship projuct is pran, implement and analyze a stud y at mission deloris park. we decided to use a existing observation based model and adapt to the park and supplement with photography. we collected 59 data samples between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. 7 day as week which showed there was between 50 and 5400 park members. here are the averages for the week days and weekends. the week days are in the forground in the blue and weekends in the red. moving forward, i am working with the next inturn who will
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capture the first summer data in june and july. >> is there a chart big enough for that? thank you very much. >> last but not least, justena lay who did the wonderful archivel project at silver tree camp. >> i worked on the silver tree preservation project. my project was to redesign the original photo poster boards. on the left is a example. i made hand painted signs that will go around the glen canyon park. everyone i talked to during the internship seems like they went to silver tree as a kid or worked there so learned a lot about the culture and tradition. i'll work in the
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art room this summer which i'm excited to do. >> thank you very much. >> thank you inturns. we will join you for a picture and your contribution will become a legacy in this department pat that continue to help and serve the park users. [applause] >> ready? 1, 2, 3. one more. 1, 2, 3. great, thank you. [applause] >> very quickly rien as we
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concludesanch general managers report and thank you for your patients. we have a short video this month in parks. >> people with disabilities. we also offer specialized programs for people with disabilities where the program is really set for that specific population. a number of people participate keep increasing every year but we still [inaudible] fraction of the people with disabilities in san francisco so that is something we are working toward increasing. here at the mission inclusion center, we [inaudible] programs that are in the morning but the main thing that happens here is american sign language after
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school program that wnt throughout the school year and that [inaudible] sign language after school program where it is completely accessible to kids who are deaf and hard of hearing. the staff are native speakers of american sign language or flute in american sign language [inaudible] maybe has a parent or sibling who is deaf or hard of hearing can join the program as well. the department model is get out and play. we are here to help make sure everybody can get out and play. there are a lot of different agencies here offer recation for popeal with disabilities and [inaudible] show casing what we offer.
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>> that concludes the general managers report. >> thank you very much. >> any public comment on the general managers report? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are now on item 4, general public comment. it will be up to 15 minutes and have one card, kelly watts. when you come up say video and they'll put it on for you, kelly.
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>> sfgov i have a video, no audio. this vid you shows footage of the tire particles children are exposed to on san francisco synthetic fields today. the video also contains pictures and video of the rpd installation. in many cases shown on mbc, espn and [inaudible] cpsc meetings. electron microscope [inaudible] these particles are invisible to the naked eye. zooming out reviles the zaged edges that enables them to get stuck in the lungs and
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gastrointestinal track. even the lanchlgest particles which are easily seen are the size of a grain of sands. the commission is responsible for introducing thousands of tons into childrens play fields and 35 acres of the city environment. that is millions of pounds. this commission is responsible-as you know, yale publuxed a study which found 12 cancer causes particles. despite you and your business associates other notable agencyerize not sure. the health risk are questioned by the state of california cal recycle and [inaudible] under the direction of president obama, the u.s. epa and product safety commission and center for
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disease control are a initiating studies. these are the same [inaudible] as claiming tire [inaudible] is safe. as you have been repeatedly informed, over 25 percent the chemical make up is found to cause cancer. 38 percent the chemical make up of these particles are listed by prop 65 as known to cause cancer. i'm here to ask the commission and rpd to inform the sitvens of san francisco who use the fields and exposed of them daily of the facts. i feel the athletes, the children and their parent and your neighbors lichb ing next to these fields are entitled to have a prop 65 warning posted at the entrance of the fields. i like to acknowledge
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a friend of mine, eethen [inaudible] who is soccer goly who is joining the list of growing user thofz fields who are battling cancer. thank you. >> thank you. >> anyone else that would like to make general public comment? seeing none, this is closed. anyone who like to make comment on the consent calendar? being none, public comment is closed. commissioners. >> motion. >> so moved. >> seconded. >> all in favor. so moved. >> we are on item 6, the san francisco zoo. >> apology our it guy who is normally here got a better offer with the start up, so--bear with me for a moment as i get the
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powerpoint loaded. >> we need someones grandchild in the room. >> slide show. from beginning. there we go. if you put the slide show up. there you go. delighted to be here. i want to talk about exciting stuff happened and will happen. i want to start with new animal at the zoo is mexican gray wolf a subspecies of the gray wolf and one the most
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endangered speess on the planet. what we have done is the process is to transform one of our bear grottos into a new exhibit. the grottos were built in 1938 when cement was king and are now transforming into new spaces. you can see the beautiful glazed wall the public can walk up to and see these wovls. a view showing the length. the finger wall is removed and built a bump in. this is from the other side. you can get a sofens the breath of the exhibit. i want to notice that there is no cement. we have really put 1068 materials so the wlfs
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won't run on dirt. you can see a pool and on the other slide the mote was fill in. this side the mote isn't. this is the thrital bump in where the public can get inside the exhibit. we put about $30 thousand of electronic equipment to activate the exhibit and part of our wellness program and this well stimulate and activate the exhibit. new arrives, hyson macaws and [inaudible] scirls. the color here is really muted. these animalerize spectacular in color. the hysons are rare and endangered because of their brilliant blue colors. they are going into the tropical forest and the squirrel is two times the size of our little gray squirrel and
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comes from asia. mothers day, what a great events at the zoo. about 6,000 families came out to the zoo. 6,000 people, families and mothers lf you see the baby gerf, he name is inkred born april 8. when they are born they are only 6 feet, 3 inches and about 150 pounds to give a idea and they are up and walking within a hour. it was a great event. we have some other moms and babies. the lion cub was born august 31 of last year, all most a year old. we have oo baby anteater born march 30. a jieant anteater, you got to see this animal. it is cute as heck. it climbs up on the moms back and how it is transported. we have baby [inaudible] and
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monkey. check those guys out. what happened? kids fest is happening this friday. i brought cards if you are interesting in having a blast. we close the zoo from 6 to 8 you can come with the kids and have a special experience so come out this friday. endangered species day will be a wonderful event. we are going to celebrate it over 3 days and the zoo-when is the date? may 20? this friday, saturday and sunday. we will keep the zoo open until 6 o'clock friday and saturday.
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i think we have 18 endangered species. most animals on the planet are in trouble. celebrate life at the zoo. it is a special place to connect to the wild places and things. summer programming begins june 4. lots of stuff will be going on. shows and keeping talks and youth programs. we have 500 youth. talk about career learning, this is a great program that help kids learn about activities they can get involved with and many kids involved in the programs go on to contrarys with conservation and education. the zoo is 100 acre garden and 100 acre park and classroom, and zoo. come out this summer and see what is shaking. and that ends my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there public comment on this item? item 6. seeing
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none, public comment is closed. commissioners any comment? discussion only. we are on item 7, west sun set playground. al >> good morning commissioners. dan mower capital division. the item before you we presented at the capital committee. it was discussion only item because i didn't have the paperwork to give a formal report but now that we have a few weeks happy to announce we have a contractor on board that we like to have you award a construction contract to. this is for west sunset playground renovation project. this is one of the 2012 park bond
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programs and taken a little longer to get this moving. we went through a process and advertised and bid the project and the bids came in extremely high during the first go so had to adjust and rebid the project. we did that and ended up with two bids. one was extremely outrageous but the other was within our means and enyour packages you can see a summary of had bid results that came in. what we propose is the commission award a construction contract to [inaudible] landscape and construction ink in amount of 9, 788,000. we have bid items worked into the project but with the bid price we won't be able to exercise those and try to get those at the back ends of the project. we will
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monitor that closely and make sure we get the best bang for the dollar. we anticipate starting construction at the end of july and hope to open the facility back up july 2017. if you have questions? in the package i believe you have a site plan of the facility. roughly about 15 acre facility, 3 soccer fields, 3 baseball fields, parking lot and aminities. : >> thank you. mr. ginsbirg did you is a question? >> can you run us through the alternate and budgets are? a couple i felt were important. there is elements i think are i like to see us all work together to figure
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a way to get #24e78 back into the project. >> where to start answering that question. the first question is alternate bid items were replacement of the upper baseball field for lighting. the other is renovation of a smaller womans restroom down at the lower bleacher section. the original project had two restroom buildings for the women only because the plumbing and current configuration allowed for that. the small one is open munday through friday and as eventss required open the larger. the womens restroom was a alternate bid item. the last is plants and shrubs and larger planting bids. those were the 3- >> that include the gateway the
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pillars? >> no, this is just the vegetation itself, the green. that is why i prefaced my comment when i started this is we have gone through this twice now to get it into a reasonable budget. the project had pillars-similar what you see at haight street. a shed at the upper soccer field. the other engineering opportunities we took to get into budget were adjusting the ada access requirements. as i mentioned at the committee level this park has a grade change 40 to 45 feet and make tg accessible for folks in wheelchairs and
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mobility impavement it is lot of ramps and concrete that need to be implemented so we were able to reduce that to reduce the cost. the upper restrooms in the upper baseball feed are omitted. >> what is had cost of lighting? >> approximately $160,000 for the upper field lights. >> what were the cost of the pillars? >> i center to get back on that one. that was broken out sometime ago so don't have that at my finger tips. >> i like to propose commissioner, there are elements of the project that are painful to have to have given up and i know where we are with open space on the contingencies or reserve but i like to do more work with dan and
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think about potentially bringing some either one of the funding back or the pillars are no longer in the project and see if we can figure a way toresusitate that >> can't we have the contract as -gone out to bid several times. can we move this contract forward subject to a change order in case additional funding is found in order to cover any alternates? i guess that is a question to both of you. >> the possibility exists. i don't have a figure for you at the moment to share, so if you want to take an action today on that it would be a arbitary faigier. under the contracting law we have the ability to go up to 10 percent the contract amount without sxhing back for your approval. if we
4:46 pm
find additional funding i am more than happy to come back and share with the group and commission and ask for the fee increase. >> i propose we move forward with the contract but come back if we identify alternate funds in your discretion and one is [inaudible] and one is a change order. let dan and i do work and come back to you to the commission even if it is above 10 percent. >> we move the contract--this is to the west sunset playground users i think we have to get this going. >> i agree. >> let me suggest twee get public comment and then i have a question for dan. >> anyone who would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> dan, the second highest bid was 35 percent higher. can you
4:47 pm
give a rough estimate of why that is? >> that is a good question and i asked a lot of folks in the contracting world why some of the numbers are so large. to be frank i think contractors out there are so busy and the bid pool is show shy people are throwing numbers randomly at the table and if it sticks it is gravy and if it doesn't they have nothing to lose. this happened on the first bid cycle one came in excess of 3 million dollars and the second bid was the same. it is frustrating not having clear response why they are doing that, it just doesn't make sense. dpw with their drebter and project management team are going through a exercise looking at all the bids from the different departments inside and outside the agency and what they are
4:48 pm
finding is bids are between 25 and 30 percent above estimates. it is a difficult exercise for the capital division to put a fine pencil sharp point on estimating even with third party estimators we had 3 firms on this particular project to make sure we cross reference the numbers but when you put it out for bid it is a throwing out into a black box and don't know what you will get back. >> thank you. seeing no other questions, i entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> moved and seconded. all in favor? >> aye >> so moved. >> we are on item 8, galf green fees approval of increase. >> goon morning, tom heart with [inaudible] management. first i would like to start with a couple corrections. i spoke with our city attorney last week to
4:49 pm
change agenda wording which you have in your packet, but does not match the agenda that went out. the two items have to do with including the effective date july 1 of 2016 and we decided not to increase the junior rate, so the language that you have that would be voting on today is correct. i was advised by the city attorney i can make the change orally at the meeting. one other thing even though i looked at the charts numerous times, there is one rate that is incorrect which i like to correct for the report. in lincoln park the resident rate should be $25. excuse me, $26 and listed as $25. according to
4:50 pm
section 12-20 and park code, the department without further approval beyond the commission is eligible to raise green fees $1 or cpi each year. we did not do this last year due to a number of reasons including some course conditions. we just finished renovating the growns at harding and had water work done and so decide not to do that. it is time that we ask for increase in green fees. as i explained in the write up, the reason we chose to do the dollar this time instead of cpi because it raises the highest rate out of comparable courses specifically at harding. if this is passed today it would go into effect
4:51 pm
july 1. we are expecting probably additional-probably closing this fiscal year with 207,000 round up last year. we are doing well, the weather is good and courses in good condition. if we do that we expect additional $200 thousand in the budget for next year. >> thank you. >> any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner mcdonnell. >> in the background references being competitive and forgive my ignoreance, what is competitive mean by raising prices? >> it is really the golf industry changed tremendously in the last
4:52 pm
2 or 3 years. we did research and most don't post rate because they do [inaudible] pricing. if you want to know the rate for tuesday at 10 o'clock they call the course and tell you what it is. it could have changed that morning. it is difficult for us to coo that in a government setting. we have flexible pricing which i brought to you and took to the the board before that we can raise rates 25 percent and non resident rates up to 50 percent with notice to the department and approval. we have just recently started a new tee time system called, easy links which has a program that will help do that automatically. we are-i talked to the general manager at harding a couple days ago and we are probably going to start that around july 1 which will give
4:53 pm
us data so we are going to be able to make sure we are where we should be within the golf market. the problem is as i said, applying cpi oppose d to the dollar will actuallyened up raising the higher rates and not sometimes the lower rates. we need more higher rates to be able to keep our resident rates as low as possible for our golfers. >> thank you. >> commissioner low. >> also not being a golfer and it is a while since we looked at golf fees and what the glen eagles lease amendment but how does the dynamic pricing fit in with this $1 fee hike? does it give the opportunity to raise more during-raise the golf fees higher during peak times? >> we will be able to do that and lower it during low times. there
4:54 pm
is some signs on a key sheet on a day especially during the week they are always emty and so 50 percent of something is better than zero. this will help make those judgments. by law we can only reduce things up to 25 percent. >> was it easy links with the computer supposed to link all the reservation times, has that gone in place now? we >> we just started that. it is in place and all the golf courses with the exception of golden gate park. >> what this fee increase which i support, there was some accommodations made for particular golf courses in terms of improvements to that golf course that the department had to contribute quite a bit of money, is there tonight to recover some of those costs?
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>> [inaudible] >> we probably will, but we can't raise the prices unless the quality of the course is there. i think the courses are doing well. i haven't been out to glen eagles recently. i visited lincoln and golden gate and all are in much better condition than this time last year. >> thank you. seeing no other comments, entertain a motion. moved and seconded. all in favor? >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are on number 9, san francisco southern bayfront. this is discussion only item commissioners.
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>> tom, do you want to grab nicole? she is in the hallway. >> commissioners you will hear a presentation right now from the mayors office of economic and work force development on some very deep thinking going on about and planning along the southern waterfront and moewd is wonderful and collaborative bringing in the rec and park department and a lot of our sister agencies to think about growth in the southeast hol istically. you will here amazing stats. by 2025 we are expected
4:57 pm
to increase the population by close to 300,000 people along the southern waterfront. san francisco overall population growth [inaudible] i will shut up and let them do that. what is most-important is the way the city is looking at development along the southern waterfront with a focus and priority insureing open space to balance growth. i'll turn it over to ken rich >> thank you. good morning commissioners. we are pleased to be here to give you this report on a effort that is justating for some time now. oewd and city agencies including this department aimed producing the best results for the city from a number of unique large developments that are proposed in area we are calling the southern bayfront. context, if you take a look at the slide and look at it moving clockwise
4:58 pm
from the lower left, the first zones in the red and green are under federal control ggnra. with your ownership and [inaudible] and we are not expecting much to change in the future. these are the areas that stay the way they are. these are open spaces och various kinds. the third area in blue is what we think of when we imagine the san francisco waterfront. change here will happen slowly. it is fairly controversial and don't expect to see a lot changing. which leaves the yellow from att park to had southern boarder of the city, this is a part of the waterfront we believe we will see a lot of change and observers will welcome the change as long as it is benefit to the neighborhoods. the remainder of our short presentation focus
4:59 pm
on ideas we have been working on how to manage change for the city in the best way. if we zoom in we can say that-zoom in on the area we call the southern bayfront and the key point is this is already a place where people live and work, but also a part of the city that will see the most growth in residential and commercial development in the coming decades. we already have 36,000 people living here and 23,000 people working here. how do we manage and shape the grouth for the good of the city and neighborhoods? the fact is, most of the large scale development we will see in the southern bayfront is already known and on the horizon. whether it is implementation such as hunters point candlestick or pier 70 or
5:00 pm
giant mission rock or india basin and pg and e site. look at the very compelling stats on the slide. we'll see at least 20,000 new housing unit created in the southern bayfront. a third will be affordable. we will see 35,000 job and relevant to you and astounding stat about 520 acres of new open space which is virterally all the open space we will see in the city. this is important. really important for this commission. a couple of the projects that i mentioned are already approved, the ship yard candle stick and have them on the slide to focus on the 5 large projecktds still to be approved. all the projects seek to transforchl formally industrial land with no open space,
5:01 pm
housing and commercial. the investments are a benefit for the city, wree focused on claiming as much of that benefit and that value created as possible for our residents and neighborhoods. all of these projects will come in front of various commissions and boards in some cases in front of and and board of supervisors as negotiated development agreements. these are too big and complicated to be zoning entitlement. you will see a schedule later and all come in the next couple years. what we are proposing and the remainer of the presentation will outline is a framework. look at them together and figure what is community benefit we want to negotiate globally. if we need the
5:02 pm
community benefits we have a whole framework. as we negotiate benefits around transportation and open space affordsability we want to think of them as a whole and not bringing one off deal tooz look at each time. i will bring up my colleagues, lee [inaudible] who will take you through quickly each of the topics and try to focus for this preg presentation on the open space issue and discuss how we want to negotiate these. >> thanks ken. i'm lee [inaudible] as ken discussed the framework will aim to coordinate investment from the diverse projects into a number of key focus areas. you see the areas at the bottom of the slides and subsquents slides will go into more detail. affordable housing our goal is achieve 33
5:03 pm
percent affordability across the projects. this will pruss over 6500 units of affordable housing and notebly will have a direct benefit for local residents through the neighborhood preference program which allows 40 percent the new units to go directly to local residents. this is a powerful statistic. on sea level rise, we know the city is committed to protecting vulnerability communities from the impact of sea level rise. the great thing about these developments is they will improve and adapt large slots of the waterfront to deal with future effects of sea level rise and also collaborate with the city on long term measures that can help to bolster district wide protection over the long term. transportation, this is a critical component for both existing and future residents of the southern bayfront. the good news is the
5:04 pm
city is already working to meet demand. the lest 3 slides will show the project investments coming on line as early at next year. in the following decades through 2030. putting the whole picture together youtd can see the large amount of investment that will come on line in this district. how do these development projects fit in? through collaboration with each other and negotiation with the city through our process our goal is channel the transportation together so they can have a larger impact on the transportation picture than otherwise possible. for example, we can improve local neighborhood streetscape connections by coordinating adjacent projects to make sure there more a hol istic
5:05 pm
look at the streetscape improvements. we will also try to channel that investment to enhance transit operations along this corridor. moving to open space, as ken said the broader district will see over 520 new and renovated acres of open space through these projects the projects approved and coming down the line. the goal is coordinate projects investment in open space with existing and new communities. what this means is creating a waterfront that is publicly accessible. much of the waterfront is formally industrial and not accessible to the public in any way let alone through recational activities. we also want to make sure open spaces are connected to one another physically when possibly and if not through a broad messaging
5:06 pm
strategy. finally, woo want to maketia zee a unified approach to programming or coordinateed approach to programming so there is cohesion of the event. this has the potential to be district wide network of open space that will enhance the residents use and access to parks and rec facilities. i want to highlight a great example of the coordination which the commission is very familiar with. the work that is happening at india basin where rec and park is directly engaging neighborhood stakeholders and adjacent property owners through a conceptual design process to plan a coordinateed open space and new public park land for the area. this process is achieving all the goals we are trying to achieve district wide
5:07 pm
and really happy to have this be sort of the first out of the gate to really kind of coordinate and connect all of the various property owners and all the various open spaces that exist and will exist in this district. the other thing i want to highlight on open space is that there is a broader rec need assessment undertaken by rec and park and planning and this is part of plannings broader southeast framework 5 year plan. they are looking to inventory the current access to and adequacy of rec facilities and parks in the broader southeast. that will help the city understand the neighborhoods needs now and also inform the neighborhoods needs as the population grows especially through these projects. this will allow us to target specific recreational needs and maybe find
5:08 pm
solutions within the project developments if appropriate. this is also i mentioned being informed by the work that the port has done on the [inaudible] and that work is ongoing with participation from rec and park, so all the broader planning effort will be combined through our strategies here to make sure we are really addressing the appropriate recreational needs that exist in the district and will exist. on sustainability we want to achieve a high level of environmental sustainability. this is through the use of resource savings utility designs, new technology, our goal is to provide long term environmental benefits for the whole district. a lot of the projects are revitalizing former industrial land so by transforming into high performing sites we can have benefits to the broader community. the final two areas, the first is
5:09 pm
community facilities. this really touches on public safety services, the fire station, schools, the planning department is analyzing access to and adequacy of the servicess to better understand residents needs now and in the future and this will help us plan all this grouth that is happening so we can identify what the needs may be. lastly, on economic and work force development, each of these development projects will make commitment to workforce development in the construction and professional service field. that is working in close partnership with oewd city build program. also, these projects will contribute diverse new employment opportunity in the office sector, pdr, retail and others and so this will have a large impact on the economy of the city and directly for these neighborhoods. with that, i'll
5:10 pm
turn it over to my colleague, mike martin. thank you. >> good morning commissioners, mike martin here to wrap up the presentation with talk about the tactics and try to get less wonky than i like to get and talk timeline and what drove to put together the effort. the current slide talks about how to enter the negotiations because as mr. rich and [inaudible] talked about this is a negotiation strategy so it is a individual conversation with each of these developments. i think rather than just saying we more more more we want to grow-create values using tools we exploreed in recent large scale projects and use things we have seen in development agreements such as targeting of impact fees, the transportation sustainability fee and job housing linkage #2350e to taylor that conversation so each development can see the value we are providing in the
5:11 pm
zoning approval and other things they need for the density and also the other funding sources for the public benefits that we just ran through. ultimately i think what we like to create is a suite of things each project is doing that plug synchronize to the larger strategy we are talking about today and increases what is otherwise available. two of the tools are mell ruse special tax and infrastructure financing district. both are flexible to you tool thaz can be used to pay for a number of things including public infrastructure and parks and transportation and housing affordability. what we would like to do is talk to each developer if there are things we can pay for with these tools but they put back into the project to do more of what we are
5:12 pm
looking for along the waterfront. the exciting thing about mellow ruse tax and tax increment as the tools are used to fund out the initial buildout of infrastructure and once that is paid off the tools can be available to do future shore line adaptationment what we hear all the time is why are you building along the waterfront when seeing level is rising. the development will protect themselves because that is how they sell to the people that live z work there, but if they can throw out money to adapt the neighbors areas to create the network we need to hold back rising sea level the question becomes-stand on the head and that is why we are developing there to protect from sea level rise. again, we wanted to come back to the the compelling stats and show how this will combine to create a new face hof city on this southeastern
5:13 pm
geography to make that work for the new people and the neighborhoods nearby. this is a very concepual time line but what drove us to be with you. over the last year we looked up and saw over the 27, 202017, 2016 develops, this will come to the commission and boferd supervises for aprovel and saw each of these will be a huge conversation on the own but if it doesn't relate to what the southern bayfront will become we will luce a opportunity. this feels like the work year working through the negotiation and next year is a transition from that work to communicating what it means to the future of the city. these are the city departments including this department and think it is exciting way to get ahead of what is often a hectic
5:14 pm
period toward end of aprovel. we can take a thoughtful approach and developers appreciate that too because they can have a rational discussion. that closes our presentation. thank you for your time and here to answer questions. >> thank you very much. let's do public comment and have commission comments >> anyone who would like to make public comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> commissioner low. >> the 520 acres, about how many fall within this departments jurisdiction? >> maybe i can take a stab where we are. this includes india basin open space of which nicole you
5:15 pm
may have the number and the two parcels are [inaudible] >> under our jurisdiction. >> the other parcels part of indsia basin north to south belong to the port. india basin open space is ours and the big piece of open space that belongs to india basin and forthest to the south is north side park which is part of the candle stick ship yard projethlunar is doing. in the jurisdiction of ocii. there is a lot of open space in the area that is under the jurisdiction of ocii and are main-oewd facilitate the conversations and need to think long term management.
5:16 pm
>> of the 520 acres how much is coming to the department and how do we anticipate additional resources we will need to for capital programming? >> i would say that is one the important reasons the front end planning and put up a slide that talked about the different recreational aminities to look at need. moewd is thinking creatively about financing devices. [inaudible] provide a funding source for maintenance and programming. there is a question as to who will do it. the city is working through life after redevelopment. during the redwiment development area open space was created by redevelopment and when the redevelopment zone sun seted the property reverts to
5:17 pm
the [inaudible] over time, we have seen a little more fragmentation of redevelopment properties that have not reverted to the rec and park department. we development no longer is and have office of community investment and infrastruture and we have a collaborative relationship with oci i. this is coming up in mission bay. it is conversation we need at treasure island and conversation we will have in transit district about as the open spaces are created what is management and program plan. i think we need to beope toon creative partnerships and at the same time i don't believe it is best interest to have 17 parks departments long term. i think we ought to have primarily one and particularly in the program side where we get fl to business having
5:18 pm
multiple agencies. so, i think it is the short answer to my long discussion is still to be determined. >> commissioner mcdonnell >> two quick questions. one in terms of the growth projections around new houses, do we know the number of children? >> i don't think we do exactly. we are talking about 20,000 new households and should plan for and assume a good number of children. one thing that may have been glossed over is that not only are we looking at one-we are going negotiate half 1/3 of all these be affordable but the recently passed neighborhood preference legislation 30 percent of the
5:19 pm
1/3 is prioritize for residents of 94110 . mostly bayview hunters point and dogpatch. a lot will be for the existing communities so that-i think given that we would be seeing a good number of children as well. >> related to that and looking at the list of city departments at what point do you envision engaging on the city department side and not city but a city partner and player of the district? >> i didn't hear-dcyf is a good [no audio]
5:20 pm
>> the approach more than what it results come out of it, which is given that this att to candlestick as the memo suggests, a number of different and growing and evolving dynamic neighborhoods, how are you approaching getting
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[closed session] >> in your discussion. >> move to broadcast on all media channels. >> i oppose that motion and move we do not disicosis. close. >> all in favor? >> can you also make a motion on reporting actions? so you donot want to report actions? >> that is included in the motion. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye >> we are item 12, commissioners matters. any public comment? seeing none, item 13, new business agenda. public
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comment? seeing none, 13 is closed. there are no communications and 15 is adjournment. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you commissioners. [meeting adjourned]
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